Grass Reinforcement Mesh and Anti-Poaching

To produce a firmer surface, on drives, parking areas, gateways - or wherever there are problems with soft ground, we are major distributors for Grass Reinforcement and Protection Mesh and other commercial products such as netting and fencing materials.
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The standard mesh is suitable for temporary car parks and general light duty, while the premium mesh
is more suited to semi-permanent parking areas, vehicle and animal pathways and medium wear
areas. Our heavy duty mesh is suitable for vehicles with axle weights up to 8.5 tonnes and offers a
highly durable solution to most soft-ground problems and has been particularly succesful in muddy
gateways where poaching with horses persist.

All the types are simply laid and pinned down - allowing the grass to grow through, or being oversown.
As the grass root mass grows around the mesh any load applied over the area is supported by the
mesh ensuring those water filed ruts don't reappear!

Our rubber hollow matting can also be used in areas where grass growth will take some time - rubber
unlike plastic offers a non-slip surface even when wet, and again any weight applied is supported by the
full mat area, although being flexible, these mats can be impounded or torn in very soft areas where
insufficient substrate has not been used to help firm the area.

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